November 11, 2012

Remember to be Thankful Vol. 4

Day 16: I am thankful for artistic writings in the form of short prose and long novels. I am deeply thankful to be able to count myself among those who know a love like this. To know that I have found the sun to my earth and to have a light in the sky even during the darkest night.

Day 17: Magazines. I love getting mail, especially when it is a surprise 2-year subscription to my favorite magazine. Thanks mom!

Day 18: Coffee! Need I say more?

Day 19: Shadow kittens, even though this particular being makes more noise than anything that size should ever make. I am thankful every night when I get home and she rushes to the front door to greet me with a little kitten meow. I am thankful for pet-friendly landlords. No home should be without at least one four-legged friend to cuddle with.

Day 20: Night shift. There are some not-so-positive aspects, but I am thankful for working evenings. And I am thankful to have a night owl for a fiancee, who is always awake when I get home at midnight.

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