February 8, 2015

Month Five

“Whats this? It doesn't matter, I’ll just put it in my mouth”

This little porkchop is five months old! At his last check up he weighed in at 16 pounds and 8 ounces. Woah baby! And at 26.5 inches, he is in the 80th percentile for height. I am not sure where this tall baby came from, but I am thrilled at his progress, and a little bit proud that all of his gains have come from nursing exclusively so far.

January brought us:

Stability - he is learning to balance on his own while sitting and getting much less wobbly on his feet.

Hand to mouth coordination - its amazing to watch as this little one grabs onto his toys and leads them directly to his mouth. Not long ago, said toys took a much longer route that included a stop at the forehead followed by being dragged down the nose before finally reaching the mouth.

Reaching - he has started to stretch out his hands for objects beyond his reach instead of just grabbing the things that are close to him. He reaches for his favorite toys and increasingly the cats as they walk by. Which leads us to...

Kittens - he has become much more aware of the fuzzy little creatures that roam the house. He loves to grab onto their soft, warm fur and “pet” them when they snuggle next to us.

High chair - I’ll admit it, we eat dinner on the couch. It is home cooked and usually healthy, but we don’t eat at the table. Even if we wanted to the “cozy” little house we currently live in does not have room for a table. That being said, the little guy was introduced to his high chair this month. He loves it sit in it while I make dinner and see how many of the toys he throws will magically reappear when mom comes over. One day, in the hopefully near future, he will be able to put these skills to use while we all eat dinner gathered around the table.

Giggles - it is getting much easier to get these heart warming sounds out of my ticklish little cutie. Every once and a while these giggles are accompanied by a snort and I can’t help but laugh. Baby giggles (and snorts) can melt any bad day away.