May 22, 2015

Growing and Growing

It’s amazing how quickly time passes. My little guy will be nine months old in a few short days. At this point, being pregnant seems like it was a lifetime ago, some days like it never happened at all. His birth a distant memory. And yet, it has been less than a year. In a world where change and growth happen on a daily basis, I feel as if time moves both at a snail's pace, and at hyperspeed all at the same time.

Being a mom has humbled me. I am not wonder woman, I cannot do all the things I thought I could do, or wanted to do. I have not done a million crafts with baby hand and foot prints (but they have at daycare). I do not keep a spotless house (then again, I never have). I feel distracted most of the time and have trouble staying in the moment (I continually work on this). I sometimes worry about the things I am not doing. But at the end of the day I have a perfect little family. I have a husband whom I love, and who makes my life better and I have a son who is curious, happy, and healthy. They love me for who I am, not who I wish I was.

One of the things I wish I did better was document this handsome little guy’s growth. Before I went back to work (yes I am making excuses), I was keeping up pretty well with monthly progress reports and pictures. Now that I am a working parent, the time I have with my family is too precious and too little to spend posing for photoshoots or fussing over the perfect words for a blogpost. But, a couple weeks ago, when met with some beautiful spring weather, we all got outside for some fresh air, and we took the camera with us.