April 30, 2012

One Stone

I started a KC Bucket List a little bit ago when we decided we were moving.
This weekend we were able to check off two of the items from that list when we went up to O'Malley's in Weston with some friends.  If you aren't familiar with O'Malley's, the whole place used to be Bootlegging cellars.  The owners don't even know how many cellars actually exist.  In fact, they just discovered a new one a couple of years ago.  They did however, turn two of the cellars they know about into a pub.  Each level has a bar and a stage.  In addition to an amazing setting, some of the best Irish musicians in the Midwest play here weekly.  And this brings us to the second item checked off the list, Eddie Delahunt.  He was one of the first Irish musicians we saw when we moved here.  We have since come to know him pretty well, but with busy lives, it has been awhile since we last saw him play.  Originally, the plan was to see Reverse Cowboy, but a last minute schedule change meant it would be Eddie.  Two birds!

Forgive me for the less than amazing photography.  First, I was using my phone.  Second, bootlegging cellars are not famous for their lighting!

The picture on the right is O'Malley's owner and professionally trained opera singer, Mike Coakley.  He is really quite amazing!  He is always doing sound for the bands, and he sings at least once each time we are there.  And he always wears a kilt.

Ryan and I are going to miss O'Malley's!  We don't get up to Weston very frequently, but we have spent a lot of time there over the last few years.  Weston is one of those places that you fall in love with the minute you drive into town.  The atmosphere, the bands, the people, and lets not forget the $7 liters of Guinness.  Its one of my favorite places of all time!

April 27, 2012

A Little Birdie

Today I decided that I am going to try and make as many things as I can between now and the end of June without buying new supplies.  I have so much material, and the projects that I decide to create usually require me to go buy more.  But I always buy too much and its really just a vicious cycle.

Ryan and I are moving to NY in June.  So, the more supplies I use up, the less I have to pack.  Sounds like a win - win to me!

So here is a cute little scrappy bird that I made.  I did not intend on feeding this cute little fellow to the ferocious felines, but Ryan suggested I fill it with "crack"nip and that sealed this poor guy's fate.

Bagheera and Cthulhu are quite excited about their new prey!

I found the tutorial for this birdie here

April 26, 2012

Fimo Braided Bangles

I found this tutorial on Pinterest and since I had some Fimo hanging around (from when I made this tree for my mom's birthday a couple years ago) and a day off by myself, I figured I would try my hand at some clay bangles.

Making the tree gave me a better idea of what to expect from the medium, so this time around I found the time spent softening the clay more relaxing than frustrating.

I had intended on making these 2 sets to match the dresses I made for my graduation events that are coming up next week, but sometimes things don't work out as planned.
The pink bracelets match the fabric well, but are just the tiniest bit too big for my hands.  The green ones fit great!  But, they don't match the dress.  Oh well.  I am sure someone with bigger hands then me will love the pink set, and lord knows I have enough other clothes that will match the green ones =)

On a side note.  I am officially, completely, absolutely finished with Graduate School!  This is so very exciting, but it is also a little scary.  So much of my time has been dedicated to school and homework for such a big part of my life that I need to learn what it is I like to spend time on.  Last night I literally stared at nothing for a good half an hour.  Ryan made me promise that I wasn't going to just do that forever.

April 25, 2012

Let's try this again

I may be the worst blogger ever.
I have had at least three different blogs over the past several years, and I have never been able to post consistently.  Part of that I am going to blame on Grad School, but part of it is just me.  I get on kicks where I love crafting and blogging about it, and then I get distracted and a year later I think, 'Oh yeah! I have a blog.  I should probably post something.'
So, let's try this again...
A few things are different this time around:

I am finished with Grad School.  My hooding ceremony is 8 days away!  This means no more readings, papers, classes to distract me.  No more things I *should* be doing.  No more guilt for doing things I want to do instead of working on a paper.

I have a super awesome camera that my mom got Ryan and I for Xmas in 2010.  Ryan takes amazing pictures with it, but I am still less than awesome in that department.  I will be working on changing that.

Lastly, Ryan has put a lot of effort into a website for me.  It is still under construction, but I am hopeful that it will be finished by fall.  So until then, I need to get myself in the habit of posting, and posting frequently so that all of his hard work is not in vain.