October 31, 2014

Month Two

This big guy weighed in at 12 pounds 11 ounces, and 22.5 inches at his nine week check up, double what he weighed when we brought him home. That makes for one happy momma!

October brought us:
  • Smiles - We got to see the first of many little baby smiles. And we learned that our handsome guy has his Daddy's little smirk.
  • Friends and Family - We got a visit from Grandma Deb, lots of video chats with Nan and Aunt O, and one whole evening spent with Gramma Lisa while Mommy went to dinner with friends for some much needed adult time. And baby's new smiling skill was shared with all of his grandmas, much to their delight. We also visited Mommy's cousin and friend and their kiddos. This community is the main reason we moved back home this summer. I can't imagine this little man growing up without these great people in his life! 
  • Fingers - Little man has started to figure out how to get his fingers to his mouth for some soothing sucking. It's not 100 percent, and his thumb is still evading him, but when his fist finds his mouth he seems like one satisfied baby. All the drool and sucking noises just add to the cuteness.
  • HAIR! - He was born with a little bit of hair, most of which fell out in the first couple of weeks. While it's difficult to make out in pictures, this month we noticed the growth of new hair. Fine, fuzzy, lovely little hair. It seems to be filling in by the day. I am enjoying petting this soft little baby fuzz while it lasts
and last, but certainly not least...

  • Halloween - Mommy and Daddy's favorite holiday! I couldn't wait to start planning and crafting a costume for this little guy. The mister and I talked about it long before the baby was even born. We were able to reuse our costumes from years past and add a new, baby twist! You can expect a post on that in the next few days.

October 19, 2014

Baby's First Craft Project

Mommy is a crafter, Grandma is a is going to be a crafter. At least he will for as long as Mommy gets to choose the activities. It seemed fitting that the little man's first craft project would be a card for his Grandma.

I love all the hand and footprint crafts that exist for remembering tiny little fingers and toes. I thought for sure me and my little one could create one easy as pie... I forgot to consider that he keeps his hands in tight little fists until he falls asleep. "No problem, I'll just wait until he is napping", I said foolishly.

Baby asleep, paint ready, I placed his hand into the paint and he instantly curled it back up into a tight, paint covered, ball. Lets consider this just one more challenge in creating a wonderful house warming card for my mom. I managed to coax his hand back open and slap it onto the card before anything other than my hands, his hands, and his little shirt sleeves received a fresh coat of paint. I consider that a win. 

Next time we'll try using his little foot...