November 5, 2012

Remember to be Thankful Vol. 2

Day 6: I am thankful for Halloween, decorations, and candy corn

Day 7: Plants of all shapes and sizes. This little guy is an "Elephant Bush". I am also thankful for Elephants!

Day 8: Photogenic kittens.

Day 9: Scarves. These multipurpose little beauties are both form and function. In addition, I get loads of compliments on days that I wear them. I am thankful for vanity in small doses.

Day 10: I am thankful for candles! Superstorm Sandy knocked out our power for close to three days. I am very grateful that it was just a matter of power and nothing more serious.  Playing Trivial Pursuit by candle light with the hubs is a nice way to get away from the rush of everyday. So, I am also thankful for board games that can be played by candle light.

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