November 20, 2012

Remember to be Thankful Vol. 6

This sixth installation completes my 30 days of thankfulness.

So without futher ado:

Day 26: Mini, home-made apple pies. I am thankful for the time I get to spend alone in the kitchen baking wonderful treats for those that I love.

Day 27: More techie gadgets! I am thankful for the ability to have a book with me at all times and to be able to get a new one with the click of a button. I still love the feel of paper books, but am so happy to have my kindle as well.

Day 28: ChapStick. Because no one is thankful for chapped lips.

Day 29: Fall leaves and cool weather. I am thankful to be able to experience changing seasons and nature's beauty.

Day 30: Truffles. And new experiences. I love taking on challenges in baking. After all, I have to work to maintain my Betty status.

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