October 26, 2012

Craft Time with Old Friends

Last night a friend and I had a little craft evening. We used to work together several years ago but life has its way of shifting people around. This summer life happened to shift us back into the same city. So we decided it would be fun to get together and work on a little craft project and have some wine while catching up. Brilliant idea!

This is what came of it.

I found the tutorial for this on Clean and Scentsible via Pinterest, obviously. I pinned my felt pieces in a little tighter than the original. Also, while making it last night I got it in my head to use some different colors and make hydrangea-type flowers using the same technique. Then I thought they might look quite nice in some coffee can vases I have been working on. I love it when crafts turn into other crafts.

I learned this morning that I should always take pictures in my craft room. I have been trying to take them in different areas of the house since my craft room is small and pretty full, but it seems everywhere else makes pictures look yellow even with good light coming through the windows. Lesson learned.

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