October 10, 2012

Happy Accidents

Fun find! I pinned this color scheme well over a year ago for the living room of my dreams. I love the straw-yellow and gray combination, and the pop of red is fun. Fast forward to July. That fun pop of red is the same color as the living room in my new house! Needless to say, in July I had already forgotten that I had this color swatch tucked away. Luckily, I found it this week. Hooray for happy surprises! I have been trying to find ways to brighten up the dark red of the living room since we moved in. One of the first things I have undertaken is a set of new curtains. Roman Shades to be exact. I picked out the fabric before I found this, but the gray and the yellow are pretty much spot on.

Since I'm talking about the curtains, I'll give a brief update: All three shades are currently assembled and I bought tension rods for them today. The only steps remaining are to hem them, attach the rings and cords, and get them hung for good! Every time I look at the current curtains I think of one more reason I am so happy that I chose roman shades. For one, the living room is not huge, and it is painted a dark color, so the less material the better. Second, the windows are huge! Third, the walls are plaster so the current curtains are hung from the window frame instead of above the window where they should be. And lastly, speaking of the window frames they are gorgeous old wooden frames that should be displayed proudly and not hidden behind ugly fabric! I will post some before and after photos when they are finished.

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