May 17, 2012

A Brief Rant and some Geeky Goodness

I have to say that I have been a little frustrated lately with the confusion of geeks vs. hipsters.  It seems that there are a lot of people that think these terms are interchangeable, or perhaps just don’t know the definition of one or both.  I have been called a hipster too many times and read inaccurate infographics on the subject too recently to let it slide.

I will admit there is some overlap between geeks and hipsters. We both like gadgets, but geeks only like them when they work, not just because they were made by mac (most geeks I know like gadgets less if they were made by mac).  We both tend to avoid mainstream activities.  But I know that I have refined tastes in beer, coffee, food, music and friends.  I enjoy good quality, not just things that are cheap, easy, or popular.  I do not, however, avoid things just because other people like them.

Geek and Hipster cultures are completely different.  The geek crowd is warm and welcoming (for the most part).  No matter what weird or eccentric things you like, there is usually a group of geeks that share your interests. Hipsters don't even want to be called hipsters.  If you can tell me one good thing you have heard about the hipster crowd I will... rethink my argument.  

I am not a hipster.  I do not do things ironically.
I am a geek! I like sci-fi and fantasy.  I am a gamer.  I like movies.  I like music. I like comics. I read books. I am smart. I like intelligent and witty humor.  

Now that my rant has come to an end... 

The real reason for this post is DIABLO III.

I will admit that I was not really a gamer when Diablo or Diablo II came out, but since then I have played my fair share.  So, as a geek in her mid 20s I count myself among the crowd of Diablo fans that have been patiently waiting for a decade for this release. Thank you Blizzard for once again eating up my nights and weekends.

Cosplay Monk is Awesome!
So is gameplay monk!

I need to mention too, that my fiance and I are *both* huge geeks. So, Diablo III is how we have been and will continue to spend "couples" time at least for the next little bit.
I love my gamer!

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