May 4, 2012

An Adventure on the Way to Hooding

The day of my MSW Hooding finally arrived!  I have been working and waiting for three long years for this day.  Ryan and I decided we would head downtown a bit early and stop at our favorite coffee shop, Cafe &, in Westport.

Problem one: About half way there I realize I had not put the memory card back in the camera. *insert expletive*  Luckily (read: unfortunately) we were near a Wal-Mart so we ran in to grab a new memory card.  Sounded simple enough.  Except in the amount of time it took us to buy the $15 item, we could have driven back home and got the one I forgot.

Card in hand, we continued on to Cafe &, finally!  Eddie wasn't there unfortunately, but the girl that was made us the most amazing raspberry mochas.  Possibly the best mocha I have ever had!.  And I have had a lot of mochas!

Problem two: While Ryan and I were enjoying our wonderful beverages, I realized I had also forgotten the ticket Ryan needed to get into the auditorium for Hooding.  Awesome!  Now Ryan is frustrated... "What did you finish school and just forget everything?"  Yes that is a distinct possibility.  So I messaged a couple girls in my class in desperate hopes that one of them would have an extra ticket.  Success!  I can't thank you enough Margaret!

Problem two solved, Ryan and I can continue to enjoy our afternoon.  I am happy to report that there were no other set backs for the rest of the day.  Ryan and I savored an entire day together.  We had a nice lunch at the cafe followed by an impromptu photo shoot at the library before the ceremony.

Hooding was also a success.  One would think that it would have been easy to line up 87 Graduate Students alphabetically, but one would be wrong.

All in all, it was an amazing day!  I am so proud of all of my classmates!  It has been a long road, but so very worth it to walk across that stage.

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