January 19, 2013

Sharpies, Sharpies...

Each year I find my self gravitating towards a gifty craft that I like to make in bulk. Crafts that are able to be personalized for each person without taking days to complete.  This year that craft was Sharpie ceramics. Pinterest is aflood with tutorials for this snappy little craft, and the very first post I saw sparked my interest. Coffee mugs...I like coffee mugs, Sharpies...I love sharpies! Sounds like a winner to me.

I enjoyed making each mug really personal for its recipient. Adding different patterns and of course the owner's initial. It's possible that my consistent fascination with personalization stems from the fact that with a name like Kadi, you don't get the chance to have very much personalized unless it's custom made. I make it a point to personalize as may gifts as possible, for people with easy-to-find names, as well as those of us with more unique names and spellings.

Case in point:

 ...the Mister's sister, O'Hara. She has her Master's in Neuroscience.

I truly loved this project and I ended up making four of these little buggers this year.

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