January 17, 2013

Lamberton Conservatory

While my Mister's family was visiting earlier this month we decided to take a trip to explore our little city. I had seen an advertisement in the local events paper for a Holiday Poinsettia Show at the Conservatory. Until then I didn't even know we had a Conservatory, but Mister's mom loves flowers so it seemed like it would be worth a trip.

There were some beautiful poinsettias. They had their own space in the beginning, but they were also scattered throughout the other plants. I thought this was a nice touch. And it was an amazing opportunity for the Mister to use that camera he loves so much!

We went for the Poinsettias, but the rest of the conservatory out-shined the show.

I do apologize for not having the names of any of these plants. They were all labeled in the conservatory, but I was too distracted with everything else to write them down.

Due to distance and circumstances beyond control, the Mister hadn't seen his mom or sister in over four years. We took this chance to snap a few shots. The beauty of the conservatory made an excellent backdrop for the family photos.

 And of course being me, I needed a few pictures of me hamming it up. =)

To make the day even better the weather was perfect! It was cold, and there was about a foot of fresh snow on the ground, but the sun was bright and the wind was calm. Days like these are the reason I love winter in New York so much. Few things are more beautiful than a snowy, sunny day. All the sun made inside of the conservatory so much brighter as well. The four of us spent a beautiful day enjoying the scenery and each other's company.

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