January 19, 2013

...And More Sharpies

Hello, my name is Mini-Munny! The Mister got me this little guy as a stocking stuffer this year. Oh my, was I one happy little lady. I have wanted one of these for years! Each time I see one in the store I ask the Mister to buy it for me. He always rolls his eyes and tells me that I don't need one. So you can imagine how surprised and excited I was when I found him sitting in my stocking!

Munny is a little vinyl figure from kidrobot that can be pierced, painted, posed, and anything else your imagination can dream up to do to make him beautiful!

To make this gift even better, which was a feat in itself, the Mister also got me a 24 pack of Sharpies. I cannot begin to express my love for Sharpies. And to have a fresh set to use to beautify my own Munny...amazing!

 My mister really outdid himself this year! And these were just some of my stocking stuffers!

I am so excited to have Mr. Munny that I can't even think of how I want to decorate him. Once I do though, I will make sure to show him off!

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  1. My husband and I got one of these a few yrs ago and we debated on what to do with him. ours came with a candy cane and a blank sign to hold ineach hand. AMAZING STUFF! best gift ever. simple but so creative. took us a few hours to figure out who's eyes were better, who's mouth, etc. lol but at the end if it all it was ours! I'll have to pull it out and upload a pic. Down fall, wish we had used sharpies not the markers provided. they miffed a bit.