June 23, 2012

Packing Extravaganza

One week from today we will be heading east!

Ryan has been amazing (as always, really) with packing for the move.  He has done almost all of it. I usually end up following him around like a puppy.  I try to be helpful, but the truth is I am really bad at packing so I am more of a hindrance in most cases. I think there is an end in sight though. We are sitting at about 70 boxes right now and Ryan is still packing as we speak.  That leaves the beginning of next week to paint the walls and clean everything before we start loading the truck on Thursday. Friday is more truck loading, and finally we start our 2-day trek on Saturday.

Today I was at least able to be of some help.  I cleaned all of my planters inside and out so that when we get to the new house I will have a fresh place to start some new plants.

 *Please excuse the quality of the pictures, my good camera is packed too!*

I also insisted on getting into a "sword" fight with the empty wrapping paper rolls. Turns out those are not strong enough to withstand a sword fight. Ryan turned his into nun-chucks and I turned mine into a bo. I think I lost that fight. But it was fun nonetheless and a good example of why I love that man so much. When I start sword fights he doesn't look at me like I've lost my mind, he just joins the fray <3  

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