June 13, 2012

Apartment Anxiety

We are getting down to the wire on our move. The good news is we have a place to move to.  And a house even! When we first decided to move I wanted to move into a little house that we could rent. We quickly found out that looking at houses from 1400 miles away is nearly impossible. So, we turned our attention to apartments.
The search for apartments was much easier. We had a friend look at a couple and we quickly settled on the one we wanted. We hadn’t anticipated very much trouble. We’d done this before and it was no big deal.  

Boy, were we in for a surprise! For starters, there was nowhere in Rochester that had an apartment available for the end of June/beginning of July. That was our first road block. The problem with this is that our lease in KC ends on the 30th of June. This means we have two weeks of time to kill and nowhere to house our stuff. My mom was willing to house us and I worked it out with the moving company so that our stuff would be held until the middle of July when apartments were available.  

Ok, now we are back on track right? Wrong!  As it turns out no apartment will rent to you if you don’t already have a job lined up in that city. We’ve never had this trouble before. When we moved to Kansas city we were in the same boat, Ryan and I were both looking for jobs, and both still working at jobs in Buffalo. Apparently, this is no longer sufficient. Well crap! Now what are we supposed to do? This is when the real, life-shaking panic set in!  I have applied to a number of jobs, but now I have nowhere to live and my stuff is only being held until July 16th, what am I supposed to do after that? Lots of kind words were offered in my despair, but the fact remained that we still had nowhere to live!

I started looking into every option there was within our price range, even on craigslist. Then I started talking to one of our friends that had moved to Rochester earlier this year. Turns out, he was still willing to get a three-bedroom with us, he just didn’t want to live in an apartment complex. Oh? We thought he had decided against living with us all together. Well thats good news. So I return to the search and find what looked to be a lovely 3-bedroom house on the northeast side of the city. I send B the link. Two days later he visits the house and I get a phone call.  “Can you guys get together a security deposit? I think this is the one” Me: I already have it I will get it to you Monday!!!

So after weeks of anxiety and very little sleep, we have a house!  Now to finish packing and get back to the job search!!

Just look at this adorable kitchen!

Also I am simply thrilled to have windows facing more than one direction!

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