June 18, 2012

My Space

All of my crafting supplies are packed in boxes waiting to arrive at their new home. They may be out of sight, but they are certainly not out of mind. I get antsy when I don't have a project in the works and I have to remind myself that I need to be packing now. I will have more projects than I know what to do with after the move, I am sure. 

I am excited to move into our new house for so many reasons! Not least of which is because I have claimed my own little craft room off the master bedroom. It has been labeled a “closet”, but really its a room. There is even a window on the door to this “closet”. It is 10’ x 5’ and it is next to a second (normal sized) closet. Right now I am working in about 4’ squared, so this new space should be perfect. Not to mention it already has some built in shelving.  On top of all of that it has track lighting and 2 windows. Having 2 windows in such a small space should make for wonderful natural lighting for working and photographing. It is a little plain right now, but that won’t last very long.

Ryan is confused at my excitement over such a little part of the house, but I have never had my *own* craft room before. I am thrilled at the idea of having my own space, that I can arrange and decorate and adjust to fit my needs without worrying about what room I am making a mess in or who I am in the way of. Really, he shouldn’t be surprised after how I reacted when he bought me a craft desk.

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