June 11, 2012

Kansas City Zoo - one more activity off the KC bucket list

I love the zoo!
But then, what’s not to love?  Well there are the parents who seem afraid to discipline their children, but we’ll leave that topic alone for now and focus on the good bits.  

Ryan and I have walked the whole zoo several times, but we wanted to make sure we took at least one more trip before we left Kansas City.  

It was a typical June day in KC so, needless to say, we only spent a few hours walking around in the heat.  But we got to see all of our favorites the Elephants for me and the Gorillas for Ryan, along with the Hippos, Lions, and Tigers.

The two highlights of the day were
1. four adorable red river hog piglets.  Turns out they call it a "pig pile" for a reason.  

And 2. geese, fish, and turtles fighting over the bread a little girl was throwing into the water.  None of these animals are exhibits at the zoo (obviously), but it was hilarious to watch them.  Plus, that particular bridge was nice and breezy.

I, of course, walked away with a lovely sunburn on my shoulders, but that was to be expected.

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