June 7, 2012

Custom Designs

I have been crafting for nearly my entire life. Sometimes I work from someone else’s idea, sometimes my own, and most often a blend of the two. There is, however, no better feeling than working with someone to create a unique custom piece that I can love as a crafter and they can love as a buyer. Turning someone’s idea into something tangible is one of the great joys of my life.   

I got the chance to start another one of these projects first thing Monday morning! I honestly couldn’t ask for a better way to start the week.

A very dear friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby boy. I received a message asking if I would make a banner for his Baptism reception. Is there any other way to answer that question...of course I will! The fact that she thought of me for this project means the world to me. It’s lovely to have people admire your artwork, it’s even better to have people seek you out for it!

This type of project is not what I am usually drawn to, but after browsing some of the banners other people have put together I think I can make a lovely one for baby Grant and his mommy.

Upon drafting some ideas for this current banner, my mind started drifting to all the other beautiful banners I could make...this is why I have so many projects on my to-do list!

The lovely family received their banner and they love it! Now I can share some pictures. I wanted to keep the surprise and make sure they were the first ones to see it =)

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