April 30, 2012

One Stone

I started a KC Bucket List a little bit ago when we decided we were moving.
This weekend we were able to check off two of the items from that list when we went up to O'Malley's in Weston with some friends.  If you aren't familiar with O'Malley's, the whole place used to be Bootlegging cellars.  The owners don't even know how many cellars actually exist.  In fact, they just discovered a new one a couple of years ago.  They did however, turn two of the cellars they know about into a pub.  Each level has a bar and a stage.  In addition to an amazing setting, some of the best Irish musicians in the Midwest play here weekly.  And this brings us to the second item checked off the list, Eddie Delahunt.  He was one of the first Irish musicians we saw when we moved here.  We have since come to know him pretty well, but with busy lives, it has been awhile since we last saw him play.  Originally, the plan was to see Reverse Cowboy, but a last minute schedule change meant it would be Eddie.  Two birds!

Forgive me for the less than amazing photography.  First, I was using my phone.  Second, bootlegging cellars are not famous for their lighting!

The picture on the right is O'Malley's owner and professionally trained opera singer, Mike Coakley.  He is really quite amazing!  He is always doing sound for the bands, and he sings at least once each time we are there.  And he always wears a kilt.

Ryan and I are going to miss O'Malley's!  We don't get up to Weston very frequently, but we have spent a lot of time there over the last few years.  Weston is one of those places that you fall in love with the minute you drive into town.  The atmosphere, the bands, the people, and lets not forget the $7 liters of Guinness.  Its one of my favorite places of all time!

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