December 2, 2014

Great Minds

My mom is an amazing crafter! I owe my love of, and ability for, crafting to her. An added bonus of moving back home is craft time with her. She makes holiday ornaments for friends and family each year and this year I got to be on the creative end instead of just a recipient of a beautiful little treasure.

It's a funny story how we decided on the ornament to make this year...
I saw a cute ornament on pinterest (of course) of a snowflake burnt onto a wood cutting. I thought, "hey! this would be fun to do with mom!" The next time I went to visit she had three logs on the floor and she said to me "hey K! I've got an idea for ornaments we can make!"...Turns out great (crafting) minds really do think alike.

We decided to make a day of it and craft our little ornaments while she had time off. The project got off to a bumpy start. I woke to a text from mom saying she couldn't find her wood burner, but she was ordering a new one. Ok, well we can cut and sketch them today and finish them later. Before I made it to her house, I got another text "I found it!" Cool! We're back on track, I thought. When I finally made it to her house, baby in tow, more bad news...This is hardwood and the saw we have isn't the right kind so we have a limited amount of ornaments.

It turned out to be enough and the rest of the day went off without a hitch. The ornaments are darling and I loved spending a day crafting with my mom. I hope for many more days like this in our future.

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