November 30, 2014

Month Three

It is  simply amazing to watch this little man grow. Every day is a new adventure! I am in awe of the life that we have created and how perfect he is.

November brought us:
Normalcy - to some extent. The little guy and I have settled into a routine that works for both of us. Some days are better than others, but for the most part we've got it down. This stability helps him almost as much as it helps me. With at least some normalcy back in my life I am able to feel like a human most days.   

Snuggles - Part of this routine includes our mid-morning nap. After he eats his second breakfast of the day, him and I are usually able to catch some ZZZs on the couch. I love snuggle time with this bundle. It warms my soul.

A New Rattle - These little hands are loosening their tightly gripped fists and grabbing onto anything that comes within reach. We decided the step in the direction of motor control warranted a new toy...the ever popular rattle! This one lets him wind his fingers through the ends for easy grabbing and shaking.

The Library - The last time I went to the library was in Grad School. After moving back to my hometown and becoming a stay-at-home mom (at least temporarily), I decided it was time to head to the local library and get myself a card. We made it a family trip, hopefully the first of many. When the boy gets a little older we can take him for story time and to pick out new books to read. The Mister and I love reading and love buying books, we always have. I am hoping the library will be a good way for us to try out new books (especially for the little one) before we buy them.

Thanksgiving - This was the first year in a decade that neither myself nor the Mister had to work. My entire little family got to spend four whole days together for the holiday! I have always loved gathering at my Grandmother's for the feast and this year was the first in many that we have been able to attend, so my heart was happy. I got to work and crafted my little guy an adorable vest. Obviously I forgot to take any good pictures of it, so this one from my phone will have to suffice. But trust me, he was a dapper little baby!

On the plus side, I managed to snag this picture of me with my little man and my dad. Pictures of my dad are almost as hard to get as pictures of my husband!

To top it all off, the following conversation took place between my grandmother and cousin before we all ate dinner...  
G "We're going to be a little cramped" 
J "That just means our family is growing" 
G "Well the rest of you girls better take your pills!" 

My grandma has never been one mince her words!

and finally...

Teeth?!? - I thought we had a few more months before his little chompers started coming in...but it seems I might have been mistaken. He is exhibiting some tell-tale signs of teething. Hopefully we will know soon if that is whats really going on

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