July 25, 2012

The Little Things

The last few weeks have been a lovely treat for me. After settling in I have been able to spend time with my guy and my hobbies. I have been reading, baking, and crafting. There were a few days in there that is was simply too hot to do anything, but I enjoyed those days too. It is, however, getting around to the time that I have to get my butt back to work. I have had a couple interviews recently and am hopeful about my prospects. But, until then I will continue enjoying every moment of my lazy days. Here are a few photos of some of my endeavors.

After making one banner I kind of fell in love. This one is for the party I am having back home in a couple weeks!

This is the whole banner along with my perfectly messy craft room. If its a mess it means I'm up to something.

The last time we lived in Rochester, Ryan "obtained" a giant sized, classroom white board from RIT. He has since cut it into 3 more manageable pieces, one of which found a home in my craft room for project planning.

Fun with fonts. These are the return addresses that I put on our moving announcements. I am quite pleased with the way the "Rochester" font pairs with my own handwriting. I am fascinated, recently, with font pairing. I love the way it looks when the perfect fonts come together. Unfortunately, I am horrible at finding the perfect fonts. 

Finally, I baked some banana bread today, which left my house absolutely perfect. It was wonderfully cool upstairs and when you walked down the stairs you were met at the bottom with the smell of baking treats! That is truly one of my favorite little things.

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