July 9, 2012

The Beginnings of a Craft Room

We made it! And so did all of our stuff! All of the major furniture pieces have found their homes and we are now working on unpacking all of the boxes. It has been warm here in New York and this house does not have air conditioning so the unpacking has been going slowly, but there isn’t really any rush, I suppose.

I have started to put together my craft room. It is still very much a work in progress, but I can’t wait to get in and start crafting. While unpacking boxes I experienced something that I had not had to deal with before...too *much* space. I had most of my everyday supplies crammed into the drawers of my desk before.  Now, I have a whole room and I don’t know where to put anything. I am sure there will be lots of reorganizing and rearranging, but I am so excited about this little space.

 Mason jar storage is a necessity.

Some of my paintings and a few other personal touches.

My mom came to help us move in last week. Before our stuff came we decided to take a little tour of RIT (Ryan’s alma mater and current school). While walking the campus I found a handful of pine cones that shall be the first project in my new house. Ryan thought I was crazy, but my mom reassured him that I was just taking after her. That's what every man wants to hear right?

The lighting in this room is simply fantastic!

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