July 12, 2012

Cork Letters

I know I said that the pine cones would be my first project in the new craft room, but the inspiration for these corks hit me first. Such is the life of a crafter, I suppose.

I have had these corks hanging around for a while now. Ever since the unfortunate cork incident at Hallmark...

While I was working at Hallmark we started selling some cute cork holders. I brought in a bag I had been saving for a while to use as the display. Unfortunately, one of my girls didn't get the memo that these corks were mine and were not to be sold. Sad news for me when I came in the next day and all of my corks were gone. It seems silly, I know, but I had been saving those corks for a long time and I was really quite upset at the time.

Anyway, these corks have been hanging out waiting for a good project. I kept going around and around with what I actually wanted to make with them. I thought about a wine cork - cork board, maybe some coasters, a trivet? Today I sat down and made them into a 'K' and I was really happy with the way it looked.  Plus, it used all but 2 of the corks I had saved. So, I decided to sit down and glue those babies together. Now, I think I will have to save up some more corks. I want to make a monogram, that can eventually go in the dining room, using mine and Ryan's initials. 

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