July 8, 2010

Thai Spice

I am in love with this restaurant!  I have wanted to try Thai food for years, but Ryan just recently decided that he wanted to as well.  So off we Thai Spice.  Everything about this place is just wonderful!

The silverware is gold and looks like bamoo.

The waitress was amazingly nice and the cutest little thing.
The sugar holder looks like a little bike.

The glasses are real glasses and not cheap plastic-y things made to look like glass.  The ones that your mind tells you are glass, so you lift them like glass and then spill water all over because they are *not* glass.  Not like that at all =)

All of these things made me fall in love before we even ordered our food.  But the food...
Why didn't we try Thai food sooner?  It is amazing!!

Fried tofu and steamed dumplings.

Trio Chicken.  Ryan and I were both feeling brave so we ordered our entrees hot.  Turns out we could have been a bit more brave so, next time we will order Thai-hot.  And there was so much chicken!  In both of our dishes.  We did have to laugh at the people around us who ordered their dishes mild.  Really?  Why go to a Thai restaurant if you didn't want spicy food.

And as they save the best for last.  Dessert was exotic and delightful!!

The top one is purple (coconut flavored) ice cream with fried bananas.  This was my choice.  it was simply wonderful!
The second, Ryan's choice, sticky rice with mango and coconut milk.  Ryan described his as the best thing he has ever tasted.  It almost tasted like warm oat meal, but the cool mango and cocnut milk made it delightful!

This was definitely worth the trip, and is possibly my new favorite restaurant!!!

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