February 11, 2013

Fitness Geek

For most of my life I have avoided fitness like the plague. I hated exercising, it always felt forced and uncomfortable. I quit every team sport I played. I ran track for a few seasons in high school, but even then I ran sprints and threw shot, two events that required very little training. When I got to college and had free use of the gym, I tried to go and use the elliptical, but that was just boring and lasted all of two weeks. I was only slightly overweight so I just never saw the point.

Fast forward to my early twenties...Me and the Mister are doing what we can to make ends meet and eating mostly crap. We both filled out a little more than we wanted to. We stayed like this for a few years before we decided that being fat and out of shape at 25 was just sad. That was when we started experimenting with diets and exercises that we could stick with. We tried a super strict - no carb, no sugar (not even fruit), no dairy diet. We held out for about three months and both of us lost a considerable amount of weight. But it was just not something that we could maintain long term. Having lost so much weight however we were on the up swing, neither of us wanted to fall back to where we had been.

The mister had been dragging around the weight set he had in high school through all of our moves despite the fact that he never touched them once we got settled. After much research on his part he stumbled upon Intermittent Fasting and the Big Three, and I signed myself up at a boxing gym.

These were the best three things to happen for my fitness in my life!

Weightlifting paired with Intermittent Fasting is an incredible way to build muscle while shedding fat. The way IF works, you can also build a diet plan to maintain weight, and bulk if that's what you need. I was extremely skeptical when the Mister first came to me with these plans, but I am glad I gave it a try! I feel so much stronger and healthier. Boxing too, was just what I needed. It is hard, fast, cardio that never seems to get boring. I stayed at the gym for a year - the longest I have ever stuck with a fitness routine. Unfortunately, we moved to an area without many boxing gyms. Luckily, my wonderful mother got me a heavy bag for xmas this year, so I can just head to the basement anytime I want to box.

The mister and I have been lifting on and off for a little more than a year. We started with the weight set that he had hanging around, but recently were able to move up to an Olympic weight set, with squat rack, and bench so that we can do all of the Big Three: Benchpress, Squats, Deadlifts. 

I am glad the Mister and I were able to find a way of life that we both enjoy and can do together. We keep each other motivated and on track. This new fitness-geek lifestyle is so much happier and healthier than the pizza-four-times-a-week, sedentary lives we were living.

We are steadily getting stronger and healthier together. Not to mention looking way better =)

bench: 65 lb (I still have a lot to work on here)
squat: 110 lbs (my goal is body weight by the end of March)
deadlift: 110 lbs (and steadily increasing)

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