September 3, 2012

Finish What You Start

I tend to have a problem finishing projects. I get really excited about something and work really hard, but only in short bursts. Then I have a tendency to get bored and move onto the next exciting project, leaving a trail of unfinished ones behind me. I have always known that I do this, but it became abundantly clear when I was sorting through my fabric stash after the move. In an effort to focus my mind, and increase my finished to unfinished project ratio, I have decided to finish what I have started before I start something new. This is incredibly difficult, but I am hoping that my desire to start new endeavors will help motivate me to finish old ones.

These pencil cases are one of said unfinished projects. I love pens and I love Sweet Verbena, so I got a little over zealous and cut out the materials to make three pencil cases. As soon as I finished the first one however, the rest of the pieces went into the drawer to be forgotten for an undetermined amount of time. This green one is number two of three. I hope to sew up the last in the series this week.

As I mentioned I found this tutorial from Sweet Verbena. I am sure I have professed my love for this girl and her tutorials in the past. But just in case, I absolutely adore her. Her tutorials are fun and easy to follow with lots of pictures. Plus she is just the cutest thing!

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