August 20, 2012


I can't believe August is almost over! It started with a celebration among friends and family and kept getting better...
As of last Tuesday, I am officially employed! w00t!

This was my biggest fear moving back home. When we moved out to KC it took forever for Ryan and I to find jobs. Even when we did they were not exactly what we had planned on. I was not looking forward to repeating that first year. Luckily, this move was much kinder. Ryan is working on campus while he goes to school and I am the newest resident counselor at Alternatives for Battered Women

I am so grateful to a) be employed and b) to be employed in a field that I am passionate about. It is a challenging field to be sure, but I have been fascinated by it since I started as an intern at KCAVP two years ago. I am amazed by the souls of the people that work in this field and make it their life's work to make this world a safer place for the people they serve. I am happy to number myself among them.

On a slight side note, I will apologize for my blogging being a little lax lately due to training. Once I get settled in my new job and start on my normal schedule I hope to get back into a rhythm with both crafting and blogging, so stay tuned =)

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