March 3, 2010

Welcome Spring

Spring in Kansas City is one of the most beautiful seasons I have ever experienced!  It comes in a close second after fall in the Adirondacks!   Needless to say such a bounty of rebirth feeds my creativity.  I walk by trees in bloom and I just want to sit underneath them for hours and draw.  I hear birds every morning.  The birds!  Cardinals, Mocking birds, Red Winged blackbirds all fill the tiny patch of trees behind my house.  I just want to listen to them all day long.  I love the rare lazy day in spring when I can just sit on my balcony and read or draw or stare.  The balcony was such an exciting extra in our apartment and I have so little time to enjoy it.
But alas, it is only March and I am still wearing coats and gloves.  But I can feel spring coming and I am excited!
My goal this year is to take pictures of all the wonderful things I see.  I walked around in awe last year of all the beauty and never took a single picture.  Hopefully I will be able to snap a few good shots this time around.

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