March 1, 2010


always changing in new and interesting ways.  That is how I strive to live my life.  My biggest fear is to be considered boring!  Call me strange, crazy, geeky, but boring is a word I never want to hear.  With this, I have changed my etsy shop from kadidesigns to kunstlichekadi.  It is still in the building process so this isn't super important right now, but I needed a change anyway.  I have been using kadidesigns for several years now and I was never really in love with the name.  Obviously I like the kadi part, but the name as a whole left a little something to be desired.  Thus...kunstlichekadi  it speaks to a different level of me as artistic, as german, as multi-cultural, and unique.  Hopefully this first of changes will bring about many more as I work to build up a shop step by step.  I don't want to rush into this.  2010 will be a year of building, designing, creating, and exploring, but definitely not a year for being boring!!

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  1. I love the woman you have become,K.You never cease to amaze or overwhelm me with your talent,heart,and concern for all things green.Love you always,Mom