September 29, 2014

Month One

One month old and handsome as can be. This little guy just keeps getting pudgier and more adorable with every passing day. The two of us have started leaving the house on little adventures, mostly small ones to grandma's house or the grocery store. These little adventures are his introduction to this great big world and mine to life as a mom.

This week we had to retire some of the little clothes that he outgrew. I almost cried. It is such a battle between wanting him to stay my tiny little bundle, and excitement at watching him grow and learn and change. So I try to be present for each little moment, each tiny wonder. I try to appreciate every minute that I get to spend with this little guy.

Now that he has gotten a little bit bigger we are moving on to cloth diapers. They are so much less waste and they are softer on baby's bottom. But let's face it, the cuteness factor is what really sells them! =)

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