March 30, 2013

The Anna Karenina Problem

You're Distracted
 "Within 20 years, he wondered, will students manage to muster the dozens of hours of attention necessary to get through a lengthy novel like Tolstoy's 19th-century classic? If not, what does that mean for works of history that are even harder to read?"

 I recently finished Anna Karenina, myself. It was a long haul, but I finished. Near the end of my endeavor, I was talking to the Mister about how I was frustrated because it was taking me so long to finish. He mentioned the above article that he had read recently and my struggles started to make sense. 

It saddens me that this is even a thought. I love reading classic lit, I always have. Yes it takes me three times as long to read a book of the same length as it would to read say, Harry Potter, but it is a different experience. And I love both. Hopefully some like-minded souls will carry on reading books like these well into the future. I will do my part to encourage my children and their children to take the extra time and read classic lit, at least every once and a while.

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